CCDARE paving the way for bigger initiatives in Africa: Success stories

CCDARE Catalytic approach

The catalytic approach is premised on timely, flexible and targeted actions which constitute a true recipe of a fiscal stimulus that offers the opportunity for triggering bigger actions within the bigger framework of national development. The uniqueness of the approach to kick off and rollout self-driven national actions using technical and financial backstopping in overcoming immediate and urgent capacity gaps is creating an enabling environment which is most needed in spurring and fostering adaptation and development in the African continent and beyond. The peculiarity of the funding approach used by CC DARE is a stunning-true-testament that even with smaller funds, activities can still be implemented especially where they serves as a stimulus of targeted actions that remove barriers to biggeractions.

Examples of CCDARE Catalytic effects


Benin is a beneficiary from the CC-DARE project and a small-size education activity was implemented with an NGO and University in collaboration with the ministry of Education and environment with $150,000 USD investment. The successful implementation of this project was used to support Benin’s LDCF application which helped them secured 11.3 USD million.

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The successful complement of CC DARE projects in data digitization, coastal zones including the one on coastal erosion in Xai-Xai province helped the country to secure the 13.3 million USD LDCF funds. Also DANIDA- Mozambique have accepted to fund the course resulting from CC DARE curriculum project: Strengthening the capacity of tertiary education through mainstreaming adaptation to climate change into university curricula from 2011-2015

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The CC DARE project supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation: Integration of Climate Change Adaptation in Sustainable Development in Senegal (PAA/INTAC) helped Senegal secured 8.6 million USD from the Adaptation Fund Board money.

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The CC DARE rain water harvesting project in this country is paving the way for other donors to inject their funds into this great initiative. The Ministry of Education, with the support of the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC), Sustainability for Seychelles and the Sea Level Rise Foundation, is also helping schools carry out the project. Already other local donors have shown an interest, and already the Environment Trust Fund has opted to sponsor 5 schools.


The availability of an updated Land Suitability and Land Use Map and Plan for the Gishwati Area of Nyabihu District is the biggest opportunity created by the implementation of the CC DARE Programme in Rwanda. The successful implementation of this programme enabled the Ministry of Agriculture of Rwanda to claim ownership of the tool and access 25 Million USD for its implementation.

The CC DARE outcomes also helped the country to secure 15.9 million USD LDCF

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In this country the two small CC-DARE projects designed to promote adaptation at the community level were used as in-kind contribution to help secure 11 million USD LDCF.

Developing Core Capacity Adaptation


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CCDARE in Sub - Saharan Africa