CC DARE A Joint UNEP/UNDP Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Xai-Xai City Council has been implementing the CC DARE program by carrying out introduction of new adaptation techniques to climate change related top soil erosion. It consists on retaining top soil erosion trough the use of special holy blocks and plant species. The holy blocks are placed in such a way that they create a barrier wall and then they are filled with sand. Then soil retaining species are planted inside the blocks. As a result both the wall and the plants hold the soils from being eroded.

The project wishes to spread the adaptive capacity of the communities to mitigate the pluvial erosion across the city in order to contribute to a sustainable and the communities’ welfare. The project wants to make sure that every single one in the community can be able to implement the technique all around the city without the need to go for a high level of training. With the implementation of the project within the communities the level of awareness about the climate change problems has been increased and now everyone is able to take actions in order to preview future actions to prevent its effects of its results.

The best result of the project is that everyone can see testimony on the field the impact of the interventions and now the community itself is very satisfied with the results and they would like to see it spread throughout the whole city. The involvement of youngsters is also something that makes sure that the action is going to have its continuity in the future.

Community engagement: the main objective of the project is to guarantee its continuity. This was possible by engaging the community, in particular the youth and women. Community training: the community has been trained to understand an deal with the climate change by using new technologies. Soil erosion control: the actions taken by the placement of soil retaining blocks and soil retaining species have stopped the soils from being eroded and the experience is now going to be spread to the other places of the whole city.

Introduction of alternative techniques to combat top soil run-off due to more erratic rainfall with the community engagement Sensitization of communities in the Xai-Xai region about the for adaptation and the possible alternative techniques Inclusion of new techniques in Municipal Management Plans Create a technical and institutional capacity within the municipality and communities within the communities through the adoption of participatory models Increase of knowledge in the field of erosion prevention and mitigation through the use of economical and simple techniques.

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