CC DARE in Seychelles

Country status in brief

The Republic of Seychelles acceded to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on 22 September 1992, the second country to do so. The main project executed was “Enabling Activities to Prepare the Initial National Communications” to the UNFCCC. The Initial National Communications have enabled Seychelles to focus on issues that link climate change to sustainable development, a domain which was not given attention before. This process has created awareness at all levels within government, amongst local communities as well as NGOs and the private sector.

Seychelles is currently finalising its Second National Communication. The activities within the Second National Communication will contribute to putting climate change issues higher on the national agenda through strengthened cooperation and increased involvement of all relevant stakeholders in the process.

CC DARE mission

A CC DARE scoping mission was undertaken from 19 to 22 May 2009, where a consultation was held with a broad representation of stakeholders.
CC DARE Overview
Water, Sanitation and Health
List of Participants

Contact Persons

UNFCCC National Climate Change Focal Point:
Mr. Wills Agricole,

CC-DARE anchor person:
Richard Munang



Status Report

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