CCDARE in Ethiopia

Scoping mission

Ethiopia is the last of eleven countries approved by the PSC for CC DARE country activities, and also represents the last country to go operational but using a new operational approach. Coming after the restructuring of CC DARE aimed at enhancing efficient implementation of the programme and enhancing country-level participation, Ethiopia serves as a test case of the operational reforms following the new roles and responsibilities of the partner institutions in steering the project.

The CC-DARE Mission to Ethiopia ran from 26 April to 29 April, 2010 in an effort to collaborate with the country in the implementation of the CC-DARE Programme.

The objectives for the mission included :

  1. To chart a new start for CC DARE using a new operational approach aimed at enhancing efficient implementation of the programme and country level participation
  2. Map out how CC-DARE can contribute to national adaptation priorities in the context of other programming initiatives supported by UNEP, UNDP and others in Ethiopia.
  3. Carry out consultations with national stakeholders and development partners for the identification of national priorities and needs related to climate change adaptation and vulnerability in order to scope potential initiatives for support through CC DARE, in the context of all other ongoing/planned initiatives by UNEP, UNDP and other UN agencies.

During the mission, discussions with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA ), Danish Embassy and the UNDP Country Office gave a clear insight into on-going and planned initiatives in the country and linkages between the programmes were clarified.

On the 28th of April, 2010, the Stakeholder Consultative Meeting was held and during the workshop, stakeholders were able to share experiences and come to common consensus about priorities, gaps and barriers and possible common initiatives.

The following are some of the outcomes from the discussions:

  1. Assistance for activities that were identified during other initiatives and projects was offered.
  2. A clear overview of possible ideas for activities/proposals were shared.
  3. Main themes and possible ideas on country programming were shared.
  4. Assistance in the drafting of proposals was offered.
  5. Explanations on substantive support services on certain topics (such as water resource management, mainstreaming adaptation into national policy making, agriculture, etc) to project proponents.

A strong interest existed among Ethiopian organizations for the CC DARE progress. At the end of the consultative meeting the EPA Secretariat, the UN RC & UNDP RR, the Danish Ambassador and the CC-DARE agreed on further steps.

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Status Report

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