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CCDARE mission The CC-DARE Team conducted a mission to Benin from 18 to 21 November 2008 in an effort to collaborate with the country in the implementation of the CC-DARE Programme. The objective was to increase awareness of the CC DARE programme among main stakeholders involved in climate change adaptation in Ghana. Moreover, the intention of the mission was to acquire an initial understanding of existing key initiatives within the country, as well as of the main gaps and barriers faced by climate change adaptation actors. The ultimate goal was - through a participatory and multi-stakeholder process - to facilitate the process of identifying areas apt for CC DARE support.
Linkages to other initiatives In order to increase cooperation, transparency and efficiency, an integrated approach to the main stakeholder consultation was adopted, linking CC DARE to several other programmes and organizations which operate within similar domains. A joint stakeholder consultation was thus held with participants from diverse ministries, NGOs and development partners.
Proposals submitted Following the inception meeting, 5 projects have been submitted to the CC DARE team for review and selection:
1. NAPA coordinator: Adaptation to climatic changes in the coastal zone.
2. NAPA coordinator: Strengthening of capacities to carry out integrated monitoring of diseases under climate change;
3. IDID Integrated Sustainable Development (NGO): Strengthening the climate change adaptive capacities of the communities of Alibori District.
4. Institut National pour la Formation et la Recherche en Education (INFRE): Integration of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in the Primary and Secondary Education Curricula
5. GARDIEN ONG: Integrating climate change and environment into curriculum of secondary school.
Projects selected Two of the above mentioned projects were selected after strict review and revision of the original proposals:

1. IDID ONG: Strengthening the climate change adaptive capacities of the communities of Alibori District
Some of the outcomes to date:
- 7 trainings in 6 communes - aimed at communal staff, town council, municipal centers for the promotion of agriculture and the protection of nature in the Alibori Department.
- Organization of climate risk management committees in 6 communes.
- Radio programmes on climate change. Implementing actors for this activity have been identified.

Progress Report
Final Report

2. GARDIEN ONG: Integrating climate change and environment into curriculum of secondary school
Some of the outcomes to date:
- Inception meeting with stakeholders, 12th of June
- Consultant recruited to conduct overview of potential points of entry of climate change issues in the program of secondary level pupils and the requirements for capacity building.
- First Draft of the teaching documents on climate changes issues, their impacts and adaptation measure.

Progress Report

Country status
in brief
The ratification of the UNFCCC, on June 1994, was a political act by which the republic of Benin has committed itself to ensure its responsibility in matters of mitigation of green house gasses and the development of measures of adaptation of the populations to the effects of climate change. The country has elaborated its Initial National Communication and National Strategy for the Implementation of the Convention, with financial support from the GEF, respectively in 2002 and 2004. In 2008, the National Action Plan for Adaptation has been finished.

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