How does the CC DARE Programme work? 16 February 2011, 1-2 PM


Climate Change adaptation issues are gathering increasing attention by the international community. Building on the COP16 decision to establish a New " Cancun Adaptation Framework", CC DARE has its niche in the adaptation continuum implemented by the UN agencies, which is vital for further synergies and complementarities within different adaptation portfolios. CC DARE focuses on mainstreaming climate change adaptation at the sub-national level using targeted activities that support national capacity and decision-making processes for both community-based actions on adaptation as well as national policy strategies and programming.

How does adaptation approach facilitate the rapid shifts in delivery of concrete actions to promote innovative solutions?

1. CC DARE targets sub-national policies and actions, which feeds national policies and spur ground implementation actions.
2. It focuses on addressing national priorities through national capacity for implementation and decision-making processes.
3. It upholds the inseparable link between human development and environmental sustainability in its activities and in assessing success and benefits of the action.
4. Using the sub-national space, it offers the decentralized adaptation solutions across space and time, themes and knowledge areas, ethnicity and nations.

Come to discuss approaches, achievements and lessons learned of the CC DARE project!


Status Report

CCDARE in Sub - Saharan Africa